BERG PlayBase Accessories

BERG PlayBase Accessories
The frame of the BERG PlayBase is a versatile platform for various activities. With the accessories for the PlayBase, you can unleash your creativity and create a personalized space for training, playing, or relaxing through the wide selection. Thanks to the accessories, the PlayBase can easily transform from a fitness studio into a climbing structure, or you can simply hang a hammock after work to relax.

Two sizes of the PlayBase plus various accessories result in unlimited fun. Since every family has different preferences, children of different age groups, and varying athletic orientations, the multifunctional concept of the BERG PlayBase allows for choosing from numerous accessories. This allows the structure to be quickly and easily used for different purposes, always tailored to the age of the children – a thoughtful idea!

Whether sports, relaxation, or family fun is the focus, the PlayBase offers countless combination possibilities in your own garden. It provides children with unforgettable adventures and promotes their motor skills through climbing, hanging, and gymnastics, thanks to the appropriate accessories that not only provide fun but also ensure safety and healthy movement in the fresh air.

Want to work out during a sports session? No problem! How about the BERG punching bag, high-quality gymnastic rings, a pull-up bar, or a dip bar? PlayBase accessories are available for any type of training session. Use the fitness rope or flexible bands to effectively train the upper body on the PlayBase. The sports accessories can be largely customized to body size and exercises. The loops of the ropes and bands can be used for hands or feet.

Attach the PlayBase accessories with just one click. The extensive PlayBase accessories can be easily and effortlessly attached to the frame. Swings and similar devices are hooked onto the upper rungs with a carabiner, which is already included, and can therefore be quickly replaced. The climbing wall, as PlayBase accessory, is attached to the side, while the climbing net or goal wall requires a bit more effort in attachment, as the individual ropes need to be secured to the frame. However, this is also done quickly and is rewarded with great fun.